The clinical trials are very long and they take a lot of time for completion. That’s why they are divided into various phases. But delay is not the only reason why they are divided into various phases. If you are curious about the reason behind the division of phases, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about the phases in such trials. 

    #1 – Assessing Safety 

    Before making medicines available to the public, it’s important to make sure that these medicines are safe. That’s why the first phase is focused on identifying if the medicines are safe or not. 

    Not just that, the researchers administer the smallest dose of the medicine to the participants and then monitor their health for any adverse reactions. As safety is an important part of this phase, the researchers stop the trials if they think the medicine is having any adverse effect. Otherwise, the trial moves to the next phase. 

    #2 – Assessing the Effectiveness 

    As the ideal dosage and the safety of the medicine are assessed, the researchers conduct the second phase to identify if the medicine is working on treating the condition or disease the way they wanted. 

    This is also an important part as researchers have to assess the effectiveness otherwise the entire trial will go into the vein. Also, this phase includes more people than the previous phase, and numerous groups are divided into control, placebo, and others. 

    #3 – Convenience 

    As the clinical trials are huge and contain more than a few thousand participants, the division of the entire trial into phases makes a lot of sense. This not only helps the researchers have the convenience of dealing with a limited number of participants, but it also helps researchers collect the data in an efficient way and also reduces ethical and moral issues. 

    Final Words 

    Clinical trials are nothing but the boon or the experiments that help us to have a better understanding of the disease, and get access to high-end treatments and groundbreaking medicines. With the division between the trials, the researchers can work better and adjust the aim of the same to find us working or treatment options. In this post, we tried our best to share everything about medicinal trials and why they are divided into phases. 

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