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How Good Plumbing Benefits Health

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Since the dawn of humanity, poor hygienic conditions have been the leading cause of death globally. This is primarily due to drinking water tainted with human waste. Modern plumbing systems separate pure and gray (or dirty) water and filter the unclean water to waste treatment plants, ensuring the safety of our waterways and drinking water.

More disease has been eradicated as a result of modern plumbing, and millions of lives have been saved

Doctors, the pharmaceutical business, medicine, and vaccines receive all the credit, but the plumber deserves the most. The truth is that modern water infrastructure is the primary reason sickness is under control around the world. Modern sewage systems and clean water have cured more diseases and saved more lives than all the doctors who have ever lived. If you leave Tampa Bay and travel to Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Bangladesh, Haiti, Botswana, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, Zambia, or Zimbabwe, you will immediately realize that sickness is prevalent where there is a lack of modern day plumbing. In fact, in certain countries where plumbing is so bad, illness propagation is so rampant that the average human life span plummets.

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We are plumbers in Melbourne, FL who have been in the trade for over 20 years. We have seen many dilapidated structures with bad plumbing where the occupants were ill. We have fixed many-a-disaster after hurricane storms. Plumbing is not a modern convienence, its a modern necessity. 

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