MY Lumineyes eye color change surgery“ is the newest technique that has been applied in a unique way. In short, a laser with special abilities stimulates brown or dark-pigmented cells in the iris, causing the dark pigment layer to be poured out, resulting in a pale blue or green color. Is it safe to change the color of my eyes? Yes, if Eye color changes via laser, which is using “Lumineyes” technique. With the superior technology of lumineyes and the experience of dr.mustafa mete, the color of brown eyes can now be changed to blue green, hazel, and gray. Moreover, without any risk of surgery.

    Change your eye color is a dream or reality? Lumineyes laser eye color change promises a permanent eye color change wihout a surgery. Only a risk-free, healthy change is desirable by lumineyes. Our 10-day curriculum has spread. In five to seven days, we can deliver a healthier and faster result. Permanently changing eye color is a big deal.  That’s why if you’re considering changing your eye color other than “Lumineyes”, we advise you to think twice.

    Mylumineyes is safe. The fastest, least intrusive, and most reliable approach to changing eye color. The laser fractures the melanin pigments in the iris, which give the eye its black appearance, and the pigments are reabsorbed and disappear via channels implanted at the cornea-iris angle. Thus, a dark eye color transforms into a light eye color. Therefore, laser eye color change with Mylumineyes is absolutely safe and healthy. Moreover, the results are perfectly natural.

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